Software Player 1x OUT   (6004001)

License for Pandoras Box Software Player, 1 output, unlimited graphical layers, 4 video layers and 4 ASIO audio layers, 1 sequence.
Price (net of VAT) / pcs
26 000,00 CZK
net of VAT / pcs
Christie® Pandoras Box Software Player offers an ideal, cost-ef­fective software solution for professionals with multi-media requirements such as digital signage applications, corporate meetings and various architectural and artistic installations with limited budgets.

A minimum of 4 video-layers and unlimited graphic-layers are available to be programmed and arranged quickly and easily.

Aeon easy-to-use dynamic effects as well as 4K playback turn the Software Player into a powerful tool for creative projection and design.

The Software Player can be set up as a standalone playback device, network playback client or used in console mode for direct DMX Control. The scalable system is capable of combining Servers along with Software Players to suit your specific needs.

Key Features

• 4K Video Playback
• Non-linear Timeline Editing
• DMX512 / Art-Net / MA-NET / SACN / CITP
• Matrix DMX Pixel Mapping
• Real-Time Keystone
• Warping & Softedge Blending
• MIDI / Midi Showcontrol MSC
• LTC SMPTE Timecode I/O

Additional Features

• 4 Video Layers
• Unlimited Graphic Layers
• 4 FX per Layer & Output
• 4K Playback
• Timeline control
• Synchronized Playback
• Real-Time Keystone
• Warping
• Softedge Blending
• ASIO Multi-Channel Audio

The Software Player is a multi-purpose software solution, that can be used for projects in a large variety of markets including (but not limited to) the event, theater, broadcast, touring and/or installation sector.

Multiple License Support and Multi License Option

Users can also use the Multi License Option, where the output, sequence, video layer and audio track count multiplies by the number of Multi-Licenses. Up to 16 licenses can be applied to a single don­gle. For increased flexibility, individual dongles can be combined, for example, two dongles can be used in a single PC system to double-up the output and layer count in DUAL MODE.
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