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Interactive Application Builder
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The Christie® Pandoras Box Widget Designer is an advanced control surface creation framework, that lets you create dedicated user interfaces and interaction logic by simply connecting visual control components.

A rich feature set for visual node based programming is available to create customized show-control scenarios. Adding simple scripting makes programming more efficient and powerful. The great number of features are all based around the idea, that even non-programming specialists should be given the tools to create truly immersive interactive experiences for their customers.

With the embedded node programming environment users can route and set up almost any possible control scenario. Easily interact with sensors and data sources to route input data to any other output protocol such as Art-Net, Midi/MSC, TCP/UDP, DMX or RS-232/-422 devices.

Create custom interfaces for clients to interact with the system, or create individual sets of faders and cue controls for your specific show control demands. Easily create large scale multi-touch applications for several users who are then able to interact with the content. Scaling, rotating and moving video content can become an interactive experience.

Key Features

- Built-in Script Language
- Native HTML 5 user-interface
- Cue & Playlist
- Customizable Button, Fader & Dashboard Controls
- Animations and transitions for pages and widgets
- Composite nodes allow for integration of node systems into re-usable custom nodes
- Event Scheduler
- Direct Media Control
- TCP / UDP / Serial RS232 / MIDI / Art-Net / DMX512 / SMPTE


- Multi-Session WebServer
- Sessionbased Variables
- Custom HTML & Javascript export
- Custom Node Plugin support
- Custom Script Plugin support

The web server can host multiple sessions of Widget Designer. This means that multiple pages can be controlled independent­ly of one another from an unlimited amount of clients. This is perfect for installations where several remote controls are needed with a centralized control station.
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