Media Encoder   (10960)

The MPEG2 Encoder is a process for automatically converting video formats into an optimized video codec.
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The built-in Pandoras Box Encoder Extension allows to transcode most AVI and Quicktime as well as WMV files to MPEG 1 or 2 up to a 4K resolution. The files will be encoded to MPEG Elementary Video Streams. If the original file contains audio, a separate wav-file will be created

The resolution can be set to SD, HD or a custom one. The Encoder Extension allows you to transcode files larger than 1080p to our proprietary .mxl format. The maximum resolution is 4080 x 2800 px and the encoding process depends on available graphic card RAM.

Media Encoder is part of Pandoras Box Server, Pandoras Box Manager.
For Pandoras Box Software Player and Pandoras Box Player, Media Encoder can be purchased as a plugin.
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