ColorSource 40 AV   (7225A1101-EU)

ColorSource® compact desktops are designed for easy operation with the latest technology. They are suitable for TV studios, film studios, school studios and theaters, cultural houses and the like.
Price (net of VAT) / pcs
114 875,00 CZK
net of VAT / pcs
The ColorSource 40 V are equipped with HDMI and audio, so you can run audio files, pictures, video effects and lights from one device.

• 80 channels / devices with multiple parameters
• 40 potentiometers for channels / playbacks with color indication
• 2x DMX / RDM port
• 2x USB port
• RJ45 Network Connector (sACN, ArtNet, OSC)
• Sound-to-light playback
• HDMI port for monitor or media playback
• "Amigo" Remote Browser
• Built-in 25GB storage for saved shows