WDS 12x1,2   (1023102)

The dimming equipment WDS 12 enables connecting of twelve circuits with the load of 1.2 kW or 2.3 kW per circuit. The fully digital control unit enables user setting of many functions. The unit is intended for fixed installation in theatres, community centers, TV studios etc.
Price (net of VAT) / pcs
52 300,00 CZK
net of VAT / pcs
Dimmer features
• Wall mounting
• Full digital control with TSC 12 control unit
• Power outputs to terminals
• Circuit protection with circuit breakers
C6 A or C10 A
• Digital input DMX 512
(connection to connecting block)
• Signaling of the connection of individual phases
• Signaling of the connection of the DMX signal
• Voltage measuring of the individual phases
• RFI interference elimination meeting
the requirements of the EN 55014
• Passive and active cooling
(controlled depending on temperature)

TSC 12 control unit features
• Voltage indication of all phases on the display
• Temperature indication on the display
• Value indication for all receiving DMX channels
on the display in % (0–100 %)
• Output level indication of all dimmers in %
(0–100 %)
• Assignment of any DMX address to any dimmer
• Setting DMX start address
• 5 curves of output characteristics
• Setting dimmer preheating (PREHEAT)
• Maximal voltage setting of the dimmer
• Setting of the switching temperature for fans
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