RDS 12x2,3   (1023100)

To the equipment is possible to connect 12 circuits with the load of 2.3 kW per circuit. Power outputs to 16-pin multiconnectors Wieland or to 230 V sockets. Control is made with DMX 512 digital signal. It is intended for touring productions and also for permanent installations for small theatre scenes, clubs,
multi-purpose cultural facilities, TV studios.
Price (net of VAT) / pcs
59 400,00 CZK
net of VAT / pcs
TSC 12 control unit features
• Voltage indication of all phases on the display
• Temperature indication on the display
• Value indication for all receiving DMX
channels on the display in % (0–100 %)
• Output level indication of all dimmers in %
(0–100 %)
• Assignment of any DMX address to any
dimmer (PATCH)
• Setting DMX start address
• 5 curves of output characteristics
• Setting dimmer preheating (PREHEAT)
• Maximal voltage setting of the dimmer
• Setting of the switching temperature for fans

Dimmer features
• 19" model
• Supply cable 5×4 fitted with cable terminal
CEE 5× 32 A
• Full digital control with TSC 12 control unit
• Power outputs to 16-pin multiconnectors
Wieland or to 230 V sockets
• Circuit protection with circuit breakers C10 A
• DMX 512 digital inlet and outlet
(connectors XLR 5)
• Signaling of the individual channel outlets
on the LCD display
• Signaling of the connection of individual phases
• Signaling of the connection of the DMX signal
• Voltage measuring of the individual phases
• RFI interference elimination meeting
the requirements of the EN 55014

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage 3ˇż230 V/ 400 V, 50 Hz, TN-S
Dimensions (WˇżHˇżD) [mm] 482ˇż132ˇż360
Weight 14,7 kg
Number of circuits 12
Max. total load 27,6 kW
Max. feed current 3ˇż 32 A
Max. load per circuit 2,3 kW
Min. load per circuit 25 W
Control signal DMX 512
Enclosure IP 20
Operating temperature 10.50˘Ş C
TS Dimmers