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    Insert with screw M10 GOLEM II   (0130205)

    Insert with screw M10 GOLEM II  (0130205)
    For hanging fixture.
    This element is part of the GOLEM II modular carrier and mounting system.
    38,00 EUR
     net of VAT / pcs
    The Golem II is a modern robust tilt arm system for installation of lighting fixtures on wall and other vertical support structures. The entire system is of a modular design, consisting of several parts that can be combined with each other.

    The base arm is used to attach the system to a wall or a vertical pipe of different diameters. It is possible to attach to the base arm a center and then an end arm, as required by the customer, to form a two-arm assembly.

    If necessary, the center arm can be omitted and the end arm can by connected directly to the base arm. So a single-arm assembly is produced.

    The center and end arm can be selected in two variants:
    250 mm or 350 mm long. By combination of these parts, the suspended device can be offset from the vertical structure in the following lengths: 400 mm, 650 mm, 750 mm
    and 850 mm.

    To the end arm can be attached one of the parts used to fix the luminaire or other device. The choice is T-holder, Disc holder, and Suspension device with pin, Insert with screw.

    The total load capacity of the two-arm assembly is 50 kg


    · Solid steel structure
    · Modular design of the whole system
    · Total load capacity of 50 kg
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