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    We normally accept cash payments
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    We normally ship with DPD,
    in the case of pallet consignments
    according to contract

    Transport case for ELEMENT 60   (01310105)

    Transport case for ELEMENT 60  (01310105)
    The firm Art Lighting Production, s. r. o. has extended its production
    assortment with the production of the atypical custom-made
    transport cases. Though we have been producing the transport
    cases already for three years we are noting this only now when
    we have received enough production references and we have
    an increasing number of satisfied customers.
    1 290 EUR
     net of VAT / pcs
    We produce the transport cases mainly as custom-made.
    Exception is only the transport cases for the ETC lighting control
    consoles, which are very specific and very comfortable for the
    user. In these transport cases all peripherals of the lighting control
    consoles are integrated, e. g. displays, keyboard, mouse, supply
    distribution block etc.
    The displays enable free space adjusting to provide the operator
    the best view on the scene and at the same time a comfortable
    view on displays. The whole system may stay connected also
    during transportation which will save time for the operator
    by preparing the console. On displays a special cover made
    of hardened foam will be attached and the control buttons
    of the console are protected by a special bridge to prevent
    their damage by folding down the displays.
    Art Lighting Production