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    Mini PACK 4x1kW   (1023020)

    Mini PACK 4x1kW  (1023020)
    Mini-PACK is fi tted with dimming units, which make possible to connect four
    independently controlled lighting circuits with a load of up to 1 kW per one circuit.
    The controlling is secured by DMX 512 protocol. Power outputs to sockets
    or 16-pin Wieland connector. The dimming equipment is fi tted with an inlet
    and outlet connector XLR 5 for connecting the DMX control signal.
    Protection of the individual circuits is made with safety fuse F5 A, the output
    level of the individual channels is signaled with a LED indicator. Setting
    of the DMX start address is made with a DIP switch. The dimmer is designed
    for suspension on tubular construction with a dia. of 40–60 mm (e. g. light pipe,
    auditorium brackets etc.). Great advantage of the equipment is the single-phase
    supply (it is connected to the 220 V/16 A socket) and the passive cooling system
    of the power part of the equipment (without fan). It is intended for use by touring
    productions and also for permanent installations for small theatre scenes, clubs,
    multi-purpose cultural facilities, TV studios.
    589 EUR
     net of VAT / pcs
    Dimmer features
    • Power supply 230 V/16 A
    • Supply cable 3C×2.5 fitted with a straight
    connector CEE 230 V plug
    • Circuit protection with safety fuse F5 A
    • Power outputs to sockets or 16-pin
    Wieland connector
    • DMX 512 digital inlet and outlet
    (connectors XLR 5)
    • Signaling of the individual channel outlets
    • Power supply signaling
    • Setting of the DMX start address with
    a DIP switch
    • RFI interference elimination meeting
    the requirements of the EN 55014
    • Passive cooling
    • Mounting by suspension on the rigging
    equipment etc

    Technical Specification

    Supply Voltage 230 V, 16 A, 50 Hz, TN-S
    Dimensions (WˇżHˇżD) [mm] 240ˇż325ˇż80
    Weight 5,1 kg
    Number of circuits 4
    Max. total load 4 kW
    Max. feed current 16 A
    Max. load per circuit 1 kW
    Min. load per circuit 25 W
    Control signal DMX 512
    Enclosure IP 20
    Operating temperature 10.50˘Ş C