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    TSX 48 AF modularsystem   (1023125)

    TSX 48 AF modularsystem  (1023125)
    • TSX 48 AF modularsystem  (1023125)
    • TSX 48 AF modularsystem  (1023125)
    • TSX 48 AF modularsystem  (1023125)
    TSX 48 AF modularsystem-48x2,3kW (24x5kW),ethernet diagnostic report
    The dimming equipment TSX 48 AF is a modern system meeting
    the contemporary requirements on lighting technique control and also the
    requirements of up-to-date technical standards. Fully digital control unit enables
    communication using network protocol with the computer in the central control
    room. The utility program TSC diagnostics enables to carry out control unit (units)
    setting and to monitor the system diagnostics directly from the control center.
    The unit is intended for fi xed installation in theatres, TV studios etc.
    Description of the equipment
    The whole equipment is installed in the cubicle of the switchboard.
    The LE 24×2 control unit and the SVJ 48 unit monitoring power units, protective
    circuits, dimmers and fans are installed in the 19" frame. Opening for cable entry
    is located on the bottom of the switchboard.
    The switchboard cubicle is fitted with a door, which is glassed-in in the whole
    height of the 19" frame.

    Dimming system TSX 48 has additional features for diagnostics:

    The utility program for diagnostics and remote setting of the control units can be run
    on the common PC fitted with a network card. The program can be controlled with
    a mouse and keyboard but for easier operation and more comfortable control we offer
    LCD display with touchscreen and eventually virtual keyboard.
    Parameter setting of the system is made always for the selected control unit: own
    circuit labeling, DMX patch, curve choice for the given circuit, setting of the preheating
    0–10 %, limiting of the maximum 90–100 %. All changes can be quickly and clearly
    entered and with the option ”Save into unit” you can simply configure the selected
    control unit.

    Display of the diagnostics
    • Max. 48 circuits on the display
    (switching over between circuit groups)
    • Status of the control units
    (connecting of the DMX, connecting
    of phases, system temperature)
    • For each circuit is displayed the number
    of the circuit, number of the DMX channel,
    column indicator for inlet and outlet levels,
    possibility of own description.
    • Display of error symbols
    • "bulb lamp" – circuit without load
    • "lightning" – unit without power supply
    • With simple selection of a certain circuit
    the display of more accurate parameters
    will occur.
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