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    Auditorium dimmer TSHS 3/5 kW   (1023201)

    Auditorium dimmer TSHS 3/5 kW  (1023201)
    TSHS 3\5 kW – in contrary to TSH 3\5 kW model it offers an additional possibility for jumpering
    the dimmers and switching of the circuits directly from more places + the possibility for blocking.

    Auditorium dimmer intended for wall mounting. The control is made with
    triple-throw switch LIGHT – DIA – DARKNESS from any number of places
    or from lighting control console with DMX 512 protocol. This equipment makes
    possible to set the voltage level for light and also the intermediate level "DIA"
    and the fade rate. To the dimmer is possible to connect maximal load of 15 kW.
    Power outputs to terminals.

    1 651 EUR
     net of VAT / pcs
    Dimmer features
    • Wall mounting model
    • Power supply 3× 230 V/400 V, TN-S
    • Control with triple-throw switches
    LIGHT – DIA – DARKNESS or with DMX 512
    • Circuit protection with circuit breakers C13 A/2
    • RFI interference elimination meeting
    the requirements of the EN 55014
    • Active and passive cooling

    Technical Specification
    Supply Voltage 3ˇż 230 V/400 V, 50 Hz, TN-S
    Dimensions (WˇżHˇżD) [mm] 575ˇż590ˇż105
    Weight 23 kg
    Number of circuits 3
    Max. total load 15 kW
    Max. feed current 3ˇż 20 A
    Max. load per circuit 5 kW
    Min. load per circuit 100 W
    Control signal 0.10 V, DMX 512
    Enclosure IP 20
    Operating temperature 10.50˘Ş C