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    TSX 48 modularsystem - 48x2,3kW (24x5kW)   (1023120)

    TSX 48 modularsystem - 48x2,3kW (24x5kW)  (1023120)
    The dimming equipment TSX 48/TSX 48 AF is a modern system meeting
    the contemporary requirements on lighting technique control and also the
    requirements of up-to-date technical standards. Fully digital control unit enables
    communication using network protocol with the computer in the central control
    room. The utility program TSC diagnostics enables to carry out control unit (units)
    setting and to monitor the system diagnostics directly from the control center.
    The unit is intended for fi xed installation in theatres, TV studios etc.
    Description of the equipment
    The whole equipment is installed in the cubicle of the switchboard.
    The LE 24×2 control unit and the SVJ 48 unit monitoring power units, protective
    circuits, dimmers and fans are installed in the 19" frame. Opening for cable entry
    is located on the bottom of the switchboard.
    The switchboard cubicle is fitted with a door, which is glassed-in in the whole
    height of the 19" frame.
    This system makes possible to use any number of switchboard cubicles.
    Each control unit has got its IP address, the units are interconnected
    by the Ethernet network and for the communication with the PC they
    are using TCP/IP protocol. The user receives all data about the whole
    system directly from the lighting control console. On the display are
    graphically shown eventual error messages (circuit without power
    supply, circuit without load) and detailed information about each
    circuit. The user can also edit the parameters of the individual dimmers
    and the whole system using the touchscreen.
    This system makes possible the storing of any of memories and their
    subsequent application as preset scenes by the push-button stations.
    The dimmer is used for auditorium lighting, for general scene lighting
    in multi-functional objects etc.

    Features of TSX 48 modularsystem
    48× 2,3 kW (24× 5 kW)
    ID Nr. 1023120
    • Full digital control with LE 24×2 control unit
    • 2x digital input DMX 512
    (connection to connecting block)
    • Ethernet port RJ-45
    • 2 analog outputs
    • 16 analog inputs
    • Possibility of storing of own memories
    • Start of the preset scenes by push-button stations.
    These push-button stations have got 6 presets and
    can be placed in any location in the building.
    • Protection with circuit breakers C10 A (2.3 kW)
    or C13 A/2 (5 kW).
    • Plug-in dimmer modules with passive and active
    cooling system.
    • Dimming modules for load of 2×2.3 kW and 1× 5 kW
    • Switching relay modules for load of 2×2.3 kW
    • Signaling indicators IN1, IN2, OUT1, OUT2 on each module.
    • Active cooling system with fans and with signaling
    of supply failure.
    • Communication via Ethernet
    Features of the TSX 48
    AF modular system dimmer
    48× 2,3 kW (24× 5 kW) Ethernet
    ID Nr. 1023125
    • Equipped with same features as the TSX 48 dimmer.
    • Remote system administration via PC.
    • Feedback diagnostics with error messages
    into central control room.
    • Digital layout chart (synoptic layout)
    communicating with switchboards (optional)
    Le 24×2 control unit features
    • Voltage indication of all phases on the display
    • Setting the start address for DMX port A and B
    • Assignment of any DMX address to any dimmer (PATCH)
    • 8 curves of output characteristics
    • Setting dimmer preheating (PREHEAT) 0–10%
    • Maximal voltage setting of the Dimmer 90–100%
    • Setting response time of 30 ms, 100 ms, 300 ms
    • Assignment of analog inputs to individual dimmers
    • Behaviour setting by signal drop–out–hold last, black
    out, fixed value, stored preset
    • Diagnostics using Ethernet interface
    • Monitoring and setting through PC
    • Locking of set values
    • Testing mode
    • The processor control unit Le 24 is without any
    adjustments fully mechanically compatible with some
    processors of the Strand Lighting. The refore it may
    be used as a spare art by the repairs of the existing
    installations of the dimming systems Strand Lighting.